Cake and Punch Productions is a full service wedding and event planning company with a much loved Flower Crown Shop. Passion for detail, unique personal touches, and flawless planning have given the ladies of Cake and Punch an opportunity to demonstrate these skills in a creative and beautiful way with each fresh flower crown they create. Every flower crown is unique and hand made, using fresh cut florals, the highest quality materials, while remaining budget friendly for all!

Not Your Typical “Florists”

The flower crown has been around for centuries as a statement of love, beauty, and peace. Most people have not had the chance to wear a real flower crown and experience the beautiful transformation that occurs when one is placed on your head. We keep our costs affordable so everyone can enjoy the fun and happiness a fresh flower crown can bring. We have had amazing opportunities to work with well known brands like Bloomingdales, Interview Magazine, The Knot, Bravo, & Daniel Wellington to name a few. From a 1 year old’s birthday party to a Housewives of Beverly Hills elegant soiree, our fresh flower crowns have adorned thousands upon thousands of beautiful people and will continue for many years to come.

“I had never worn a real flower crown until I made one for myself a few years ago! I found that fresh flower crowns are typically high in price, hard to find, and must be ordered weeks in advance. I wanted to provide a service that made it easy for anyone to frolic in a real flower crown whenever they desired. We started offering our Flower Crown Bar to our wedding clients for their Bridal Showers, Bachelorette Parties, and as a fun addition for wedding guests. We got to see everyone’s faces LIGHT UP when they saw how beautiful the flower crown made them look and feel. We believe that we are here to spread love and light to the world and watching someone’s happiness and beauty radiate by the simple notion of fresh flowers in their hair, is why we truly love creating them so much!”

Owner & Founder

Christina Schneider  

Cake and Punch

Cake & Punch Productions is a highly sought after full service wedding and event planning company with a much loved flower crown shop.


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